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The Problem with Being Perfectly Perfect

Deep within the nature of every human being is the desire to better our lives and experiences.  Growth is as natural for individuals as it is for seeds and nature.

This desire for growth goes beyond self and leads to actions that serve and bless others.  Parents want a better life for their children.  Teachers want their students to learn and grow.  Mentors want those that they lead to seize opportunities and make a difference.

The call to “Be ye therefore perfect” (Matthew 5:48) is a call to better ourselves.  It is a grand vision and perspective of our potential as human beings and our ability to be greater than our challenges, our weaknesses, and our emotions.

In the quest for a better life of success and significance, perfection or “the ideal” can be our downfall if not understood and utilized effectively.


If you were to start walking toward the horizon how long would it take you and when would you arrive?  The answer is never.  No matter your speed the horizon will always be quicker than you are.  Why?  Because it is a moving target.

Years ago, when my wife and I were just starting our family, we were living in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I owned a health clinic and was a natural health coach and advisor.  We had the chance to “adopt” a cadet from the local U.S. Air Force Academy.

One of the conversations we had with this young man still sticks out to me as he was describing the culture of the academy.  He described one of the ways in which new cadets were molded, both physically and mentally.

He shared how they would often go running as groups but wouldn’t be told how far they were going to run.  Some days it would just be a couple of miles but on other days it would be for ten plus.

When you are focused on perfection it is like going on a run where you will never stop.  For some that may seem like fun but even Forest Gump had to stop at some point.


Running toward the horizon, with no specific measurement tools or benchmarks along the way will lead to unhappiness, burn-out, frustration, and fatigue.  For short periods of time this may be acceptable (like a morning run) but when this thought pattern and habit persists it can be detrimental.

These early warning signs of frustration, worry, and stress can easily turn into patterns of burn-out, anger, alienation, and resentment.  It will eventually decimate your confidence and effectiveness as a leader, spouse, friend, and influencer.

If you are intensely focused on the moving horizon, no matter what you achieve and the accolades you accomplish, it will never be enough.  You’ll find that your achievements, awards, and the profits you earn will leave you empty and hallow, always dissatisfied with your destinations.

Impatience often rules in the mind of someone focused on being perfectly perfect.  You may also feel an increase in frustration and a decrease in productivity as you look back at the end of every day and find that the necessary steps to achieve a better life never occurred.

When you judge your own success by unachievable perfection you’ll find that in your down moments you’ll judge those closest to you by those same standards.  You’ll notice what they didn’t accomplish and why what they are doing isn’t enough.  Instead of seeing progress and experiencing joy on your path, you’ll see walls, barriers, impossibility, and lack of fulfillment.


The target of perfection can be both inspiring and daunting but to see it in its proper light is imperative to your happiness and success.

Perfection needs to be channeled into a specific vision for something better.  If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s impossible to get there.  When a vision is specific and focused it:

  • Fills you with inspiration and motivation
  • Unleashes your passion, especially when you mix it with your past hero’s journey (struggles and successes)
  • Guides your thoughts and actions

As you get specific about your destination find ways to move toward it every day.  In reality, there is no tomorrow.  Your future is created in the actions you take right now; the actions you take today.

Measure your progress by listing your wins that have moved you toward your destination daily.  This little habit has the power to transform your mind and heal your self-esteem.  It is a small lever that has the leverage to move the “heaviness” of change.

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If Growth and Progress is What You Really Desire, Why is Change So Difficult?

I was lying in bed this morning wide awake at 4:30 am, knowing what I really wanted to do.   Flashes of inspiration come early for me, usually when the house is quiet and the kids are still sleeping.  This is the time when my creativity soars and the words come easily and flow.  I’d even planned to write a new article this morning but instead of getting out of bed I fought it for almost an hour.

My lower mind (that part of my thoughts that resists change and growth and just about everything that is good for me) gives me four or five reasons why staying in bed is better for me.  The words You need more rest, you have a busy day come to mind, along with You can write this tomorrow are some of the thoughts that I listened to for over an hour.

After a while, I recognized the resistance I was putting up to what I really wanted to do.  I wanted to write. I wanted to share and record principles that bring value.   I was fighting what I am meant to do, what I really want to do, and what is best for me.


There isn’t another human being alive who doesn’t undermine their happiness, success, relationships, finances, and health by the way they think.

Here is a common example.  Your desire is to lose weight.  All too often you tell yourself that Now is the time to start to lose weight or Tomorrow I’m going to exercise.  These are great thoughts.  It’s the part of you that wants growth, improvement, and to live your best life.

Then what happens is the part of your thoughts that is entrenched in comfort or protection comes along and undermines your best thoughts.  Sometimes this happens immediately and many times it happens later when your focus lessens and excitement is down.  It says, You’ve tried this before and You’ve failed every time or I’m too tired this morning or even You don’t deserve this.

There are literally thousands of ways that your thoughts can undermine your focus and goals.  The negative effects of your thoughts limits your happiness, success, and achievement in three areas of your life:

1)      Your Health
2)      Your Finances, Career, and Business
3)      Your Relationships


The fundamental key to growth and making life more fulfilling is to recognize these destructive thought patterns and to begin to mold them and shape them differently.

In closing, there are two fundamental principles I’d like to share:

  1. That you are not your thoughts.  The scripts that run in your head are often resisting what you really want.  Observing them for what they are is the first key to growth and progress.
  2. That your resistance to change keeps you from moving forward and overcoming obstacles, not your inability to change.

Next week I’ll share more about how to recognize the thoughts that cause self-sabotage and what you can do about it.

To your best life,

Carl Woolston
Momentum Coach



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The #1 Obstacle to Your Material Success

I’m dropping you an email today to talk to you about the #1 obstacle that is limiting your material success.  This obstacle, however, is also limiting the quality of your relationships and health.

I’m going to share something with you that I haven’t shared with a lot of people.  Prior to 2008, I really struggled with money.  I fought so hard each and every day to make money but it wouldn’t flow.  I chased it and it ran away.

I kept hitting my head against the wall until I hit the wall and everything fell apart.  I went through some real dark times.  Fortunately, I didn’t lose everything but between my health and what was going on in my head, I almost didn’t make it.


In the process of digging out of the darkness I learned and applied some key principles that changed everything.  Today is a different story.  My income has tripled, the relationships with my family have become stronger, and I’m finding who I really am and my voice.

Looking back, there is one BIG obstacle that kept me from creating the life I wanted.  In my experience, I guarantee that this obstacle exists for you as well.

It’s your thoughts.  Most people go through their lives believing that they are their thoughts.  You are NOT your thoughts.

Have you ever noticed that the real you can step back and observe your thoughts?

Every leader and entrepreneur I have ever met and coached has had thoughts that either support their success or undermine it.  The key to lasting change and progress is to determine not what you think, but how you think.

As you become aware of your thoughts and then shift how you think you’ll find that the same expenditure of energy on a daily basis has significantly more return for your investment.  You’ll literally be creating your best life, each and every day.


1) Take an Intentional Creation Assessment – Through a partnership with the Og Mandino group and Savi Health you can take an assessment for absolutely free.  It only takes about 15 minutes.  This isn’t a personality test like the DISC, or Kolbe, or Discover Your Strengths.  This test measures the effectiveness of how you think through mathematical science, then delivers your results immediately.

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2) Contact me to dive deep into the results – This can be a profound experience.  Just shoot me an email after you take the assessment at carl@momentummaximizer.com.  We’ll schedule a time to dig deep.  I only have room to debrief about 10 assessments in this next week with my current schedule.

To building your best life,

Carl Woolston
Momentum Coach

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Sales Webinar and Presentation Power Filter

In the last few years I’ve been involved with hundreds of webinars and presentations.  These are eight essential elements that will take your presentation to the next level and more importantly, elicit a response from your attendees.

1- Who are you talking to (be specific) and what are their problems? 

By choosing to address specific problems your audience will connect with you and your content.  By solving multiple problems and not being specific your content may seem more like a brochure than something powerful.

2 – Story

Story has the ability to engage the mind and the heart.  It gets past the “I’m being sold” B.S. meter.  Tell your own story on where you came from, when things were really challenging, and how you came out on top.  It’s the hero’s journey.

3 – Transformation

Contrast the problems with the benefits and solutions.  Make this contrast as vivid as possible.  Tell stories about this transformation.

4 – Teach

This is the meat.  This is the reason they came to the webinar and presentation.  Give them tools that they can implement whether they buy or not.  However, the presentation will show them the the best solution is to buy.

5 – 3rd Party Credibility

People trust others more than “the official” words of corporate in almost every industry.  Tell stories and give testimonials of people who have experienced the transformation that you promised.

6 – Objections

List the most common reasons people give for excuses to buy and address them.  For example:  In closing someone might say this is too expensive or they will do it another day.

7 – Tempo and Energy

This is voice and pace.  It must be much faster and intense than in person

8 – The Close 

Generally you’ll want to show similar things that are more expensive to show by comparison that this is less expensive.  If you get them thinking about something that is more expensive when you list the retail of $97 that will seem reasonable.  Then you can show you can get it for $49 or even $39.  Give them a good valid reason for the lower price.

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Guest on the Susan Rich Talks Radio Show

I had a great time on the Susan Rich Talks Show yesterday.  We had a great discussion about confronting reality and exploring your customer’s mind.

You can listen to the show here.


What I learned from the conversation was the significance in confronting reality in order to become innovative and cutting edge.  Also, it really became clear to me why innovation leads messaging in business culture.

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Small Business Marketing Tips: Be Lean and Quick

Small business marketing tips: Be Lean and Quick

As a small business you cannot afford to be bureaucratic and big. The race goes to the swift. The corporate look can give you a level of credibility that can be crucial to your success, but you cannot adopt perfection in your small business enterprise.

As an entrepreneur you need results, leads, and sales. Don’t fall into the perfectionist trap of being slow, methodical, and bureaucratic. The goal is this. Take your idea and make a decision if it passes the implementation test. If it doesn’t, table it. If it does, then put your resources into it and make it happen.

Keep checking back for more small business marketing tips.

To Your Success,


Buy Momentum Maximizer here.

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What’s More Important Than Marketing and Sales?

News Flash: Overcoming Roadblocks and Obstacles are More Important Than Marketing and Sales

Small business owners and entrepreneurs put a massive amount of attention and resources into gaining new customers and rightfully so. Leads and sales are the lifeblood of any business and are paramount to success. However, momentum and success are more directly tied to overcoming roadblocks and obstacles than about making the sale of the next widget.

Let me explain why.

Roadblocks are a part of every day business. If you haven’t hit one yet, you haven’t been awake long enough. Chad Lewis (the three time pro-bowler from the Philadelphia Eagles) and I were attempting to film a new episode for my internet tv show , when an amazing amount of fires came up that had to be attended to. We joked that a fire extinguisher was needed:)

Business is like that. Roadblocks are bigger than fires however. They are the uncomfortable things we often avoid because we don’t want to or don’t know how to deal with them.

Here are some examples:

  • A new website is needed but we don’t have the technical know how or the budget.
  • A team member is poisoning the culture of your organization.
  • Competition is coming into your niche and making the price of lead aquisition soar.
  • You need to be active in social media but don’t have the time or energy
  • Your time is maxed out so your revenes have stagnated.
  • You’ve hit a ceiling on your business growth

It’s possible to move past these. I talk about this and more in my new download called the Momentum Maximizer: The Powerful 5-Step Business Process to Maximize Momentum and Profits. You can download it on the front page of my website at www.momentummaximizer.com



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Webinar Recording-Increase Your Profits and Momentum

Are you frustrated with your lack of business growth? Are you disappointed that your business isn’t gaining traction in the marketplace? Or, let’s just cut to the bottom line and talk money. Are you frustrated that revenue isn’t increasing in relation to the amount of time and effort your putting into your business?

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Opt-In Crusher for WordPress

This is a great little plug-in for WordPress that I would highly recommend. Specifically, it will help you increase the number of website visitors that opt-in to hear from you in the future.

Opt-in Crusher for WordPress

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Success comes through Trial and Error

Success is rarely a simple chart from point A to point B, rather it is a process of trial and error.  In business this is often called iteration.  The process of taking what works, throwing out what doesn’t work, and trying again.

Most of you are probably familiar with P90X.  It tooks them 22 infomercials to get the formula right. 

The first infomercial was an absolute dud. One of our primary measures of success is media cost, and when it started, we paid the equivalent of $250 per order. That’s a tough way to make a business when you’re selling a $120 product.

2005 was our roughest year. The hot gadgets that year were weight-loss belts–you put them on and jiggle your way to fitness. They were difficult to sell against, because we always have been selling hard work. Our revenue sank to $83 million from over $100 million the year before.

We kept testing and changing the P90X infomercial. We’d do a focus group and find out people didn’t understand what equipment they’d need, so we’d add that. Or we’d add a new, better testimonial from a customer. We started adding people’s homemade YouTube videos. We got the cost from $250 to $225. Then $190.

Still, I literally was in shouting matches with marketing people here: “Can we please stop trying to make this work?” they’d say. But it wasn’t blind faith. It was just that we kept seeing progress in every test we’d do.

In 2007, our 22nd version of the infomercial clicked. It just took off. Eventually we would get the media cost, net-net, down to under $50 per new customer.

Read the full article on the Inc.com website.

It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s about how many times you get up and move forward despite getting knocked down.

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