Books by Carl Woolston

The Momentum Maximizer: The Powerful 5-Step Business Process to Maximize Momentum and Profit, written by Carl Woolston is a culmination of 14 years of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship experience. These are the five crucial steps that each company, and each entrepreneur needs to implement in order to maximize their momentum and profits.

In business it takes a lot of energy to create momentum initially. Marketing isn’t established. Sales aren’t established. Profits certainly aren’t established. There is no such thing as a sales pipeline or a customer retention strategy. You don’t really know who your perfect customer is. Creating momentum is the most costly, time-consuming, and frustrating stage of momentum. There is very little return on your investment; sometimes none.

Once momentum has been created and your business is moving forward, small changes start to have substantial outcomes. The harnessing momentum phase is when you start to understand how you’re going to acquire customers and how you can do it better. You start to understand you’ve been closing sales in XYZ manner. You have been generating leads with ABC. Once you have momentum, at least a little bit, you can start to harness that momentum.

Exponential momentum is the momentum that explodes when you take actions that have massive outcomes. Many experts and consultants focus on what’s wrong. Instead, I’ll encourage you to find the areas of your business that have exponential potential. By doing this, incredible momentum is realized.

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Hub Mentality: Shifting From Business Transactions to Customer Interaction written by Carl Woolston and Stephen Palmer helps you increase profits while decreasing your marketing budget, retain more customers, and multiply word-of-mouth referrals. The proprietary marketing methodology helps wise and nimble companies adapt to new marketplace realities.

Search engines, social media, blogs, TiVo, and other technologies have wrenched traditional marketing and advertising from their pedestal.

Big companies with thick wallets used to carry the balance of power in the marketplace. Now, consumers have the power at their fingertips.

New technologies give buyers more choice and make companies more transparent than ever before.

Today’s buyers are tired of being interrupted. They want factual, engaging, and relevant information. They value authenticity over appearances. They want to do business with companies they trust.

Hub Mentality harnesses and leverages technology to give consumers what they want and how they want it. It helps you cultivate authentic relationships with people who give you permission to market to them over time.

Embrace Hub Mentality to thrive in the Information Age.