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If Growth and Progress is What You Really Desire, Why is Change So Difficult?

I was lying in bed this morning wide awake at 4:30 am, knowing what I really wanted to do.   Flashes of inspiration come early for me, usually when the house is quiet and the kids are still sleeping.  This is the time when my creativity soars and the words come easily and flow.  I’d even planned to write a new article this morning but instead of getting out of bed I fought it for almost an hour.

My lower mind (that part of my thoughts that resists change and growth and just about everything that is good for me) gives me four or five reasons why staying in bed is better for me.  The words You need more rest, you have a busy day come to mind, along with You can write this tomorrow are some of the thoughts that I listened to for over an hour.

After a while, I recognized the resistance I was putting up to what I really wanted to do.  I wanted to write. I wanted to share and record principles that bring value.   I was fighting what I am meant to do, what I really want to do, and what is best for me.


There isn’t another human being alive who doesn’t undermine their happiness, success, relationships, finances, and health by the way they think.

Here is a common example.  Your desire is to lose weight.  All too often you tell yourself that Now is the time to start to lose weight or Tomorrow I’m going to exercise.  These are great thoughts.  It’s the part of you that wants growth, improvement, and to live your best life.

Then what happens is the part of your thoughts that is entrenched in comfort or protection comes along and undermines your best thoughts.  Sometimes this happens immediately and many times it happens later when your focus lessens and excitement is down.  It says, You’ve tried this before and You’ve failed every time or I’m too tired this morning or even You don’t deserve this.

There are literally thousands of ways that your thoughts can undermine your focus and goals.  The negative effects of your thoughts limits your happiness, success, and achievement in three areas of your life:

1)      Your Health
2)      Your Finances, Career, and Business
3)      Your Relationships


The fundamental key to growth and making life more fulfilling is to recognize these destructive thought patterns and to begin to mold them and shape them differently.

In closing, there are two fundamental principles I’d like to share:

  1. That you are not your thoughts.  The scripts that run in your head are often resisting what you really want.  Observing them for what they are is the first key to growth and progress.
  2. That your resistance to change keeps you from moving forward and overcoming obstacles, not your inability to change.

Next week I’ll share more about how to recognize the thoughts that cause self-sabotage and what you can do about it.

To your best life,

Carl Woolston
Momentum Coach



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