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In the last few years I’ve been involved with hundreds of webinars and presentations.  These are eight essential elements that will take your presentation to the next level and more importantly, elicit a response from your attendees.

1- Who are you talking to (be specific) and what are their problems? 

By choosing to address specific problems your audience will connect with you and your content.  By solving multiple problems and not being specific your content may seem more like a brochure than something powerful.

2 – Story

Story has the ability to engage the mind and the heart.  It gets past the “I’m being sold” B.S. meter.  Tell your own story on where you came from, when things were really challenging, and how you came out on top.  It’s the hero’s journey.

3 – Transformation

Contrast the problems with the benefits and solutions.  Make this contrast as vivid as possible.  Tell stories about this transformation.

4 – Teach

This is the meat.  This is the reason they came to the webinar and presentation.  Give them tools that they can implement whether they buy or not.  However, the presentation will show them the the best solution is to buy.

5 – 3rd Party Credibility

People trust others more than “the official” words of corporate in almost every industry.  Tell stories and give testimonials of people who have experienced the transformation that you promised.

6 – Objections

List the most common reasons people give for excuses to buy and address them.  For example:  In closing someone might say this is too expensive or they will do it another day.

7 – Tempo and Energy

This is voice and pace.  It must be much faster and intense than in person

8 – The Close 

Generally you’ll want to show similar things that are more expensive to show by comparison that this is less expensive.  If you get them thinking about something that is more expensive when you list the retail of $97 that will seem reasonable.  Then you can show you can get it for $49 or even $39.  Give them a good valid reason for the lower price.

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