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Carl Woolston has been an entrepreneur and intrepreneur for an incredible 14 years.  He is a passionate speaker, innovative thinker, and a synchronizer of ideas and people.  His insights on momentum and courage will inspire your audience and leave them wanting more.  He has devoted his life to innovation, momentum, courage, learning, and faith.  He teaches that business success at its core is about moving forward despite obstacles and roadblocks, and that developing and sustaining momentum is the key factor in profits.  He also emphasizes that in our personal lives incredible success is achieved by having relentless courage and in driving forward against seemingly overwhelming odds.

Carl is determined to help you maximize the momentum in your business and life.  His diverse experience includes entrepreneurship, business coaching, network and database development, lead generation, and holistic medicine.

He’s published two powerful marketing books.  The most recent, The Momentum Maximizer:  The Powerful 5-Step Business Process to Maximize Momentum and Profits and co-author of Hub Mentality:  Shifting From Business Transactions to Community Interaction.

Some of Carl’s Most Requested Presentations Are:

The 5 Secrets to Maximizing Your Momentum
Explore the powerful five-step business process to increasing momentum and profits.

  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace to get attention
  • Identify and take actions that unleash momentum
  • Become a small business CEO, in addition to being an entrepreneur

Create Exponential Momentum, not Incremental
Exponential momentum is unleashed when you take actions that have massive outcomes. Don’t settle for incremental improvement.

  • Discover the secrets to exponential momentum
  • Create actions that build momentum, not dissipate it
  • Propel you forward by harnessing existing momentum

Making the Leadership Leap
Discover the 5 keys to Massive Momentum.

  • Find out how to make your business and brand sticky
  • Create an innovative organization that adapts and grows with market realities
  • Discover the three secrets of laser focus and how they will impact your bottom line