The #1 Obstacle to Your Material Success

I’m dropping you an email today to talk to you about the #1 obstacle that is limiting your material success.  This obstacle, however, is also limiting the quality of your relationships and health.

I’m going to share something with you that I haven’t shared with a lot of people.  Prior to 2008, I really struggled with money.  I fought so hard each and every day to make money but it wouldn’t flow.  I chased it and it ran away.

I kept hitting my head against the wall until I hit the wall and everything fell apart.  I went through some real dark times.  Fortunately, I didn’t lose everything but between my health and what was going on in my head, I almost didn’t make it.


In the process of digging out of the darkness I learned and applied some key principles that changed everything.  Today is a different story.  My income has tripled, the relationships with my family have become stronger, and I’m finding who I really am and my voice.

Looking back, there is one BIG obstacle that kept me from creating the life I wanted.  In my experience, I guarantee that this obstacle exists for you as well.

It’s your thoughts.  Most people go through their lives believing that they are their thoughts.  You are NOT your thoughts.

Have you ever noticed that the real you can step back and observe your thoughts?

Every leader and entrepreneur I have ever met and coached has had thoughts that either support their success or undermine it.  The key to lasting change and progress is to determine not what you think, but how you think.

As you become aware of your thoughts and then shift how you think you’ll find that the same expenditure of energy on a daily basis has significantly more return for your investment.  You’ll literally be creating your best life, each and every day.


1) Take an Intentional Creation Assessment – Through a partnership with the Og Mandino group and Savi Health you can take an assessment for absolutely free.  It only takes about 15 minutes.  This isn’t a personality test like the DISC, or Kolbe, or Discover Your Strengths.  This test measures the effectiveness of how you think through mathematical science, then delivers your results immediately.

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2) Contact me to dive deep into the results – This can be a profound experience.  Just shoot me an email after you take the assessment at  We’ll schedule a time to dig deep.  I only have room to debrief about 10 assessments in this next week with my current schedule.

To building your best life,

Carl Woolston
Momentum Coach

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