Fans of Momentum Maximizer

avatar"In my interactions with Carl, he has always had a great sense of balance - that rare ability to see the "big picture" vision while at the same time understanding the steps to get there. He's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and help me do the "little stuff" that builds and improves my interactions with my customers."

Dr. Jerry Duggar
I Am Wellness
avatar"In The Momentum Maximizer, Carl Woolston takes a close look at what successful companies do to achieve that success, and breaks it down into manageable steps that you can implement in your business. Just one of the nuggets from this book was to focus on areas of your business that have exponential potential, rather than just focusing on what is "wrong" with your business. Carl calls these areas "Pivot Points", and they are the key to creating momentum. If you take the time to start implementing the simple 5 step process in this book, you can't help but see positive results!"

Chester Hull
Author of Hold the Cheese
avatar“Carl impacted my organization in a powerful way with his unique perspective on marketing, communicating, and business strategy. Our mass marketing spend has decreased and our revenues have increased.”

Steve Earl
CEO of REIC Global
avatar"I have just read the Momentum Maximizer! This book gave me so much to think about that I was shocked. Few marketing books address the key issues-as well as being accountable for making a company profitable! Being a business owner for years, I have always hated marketing contracts because they never had any tie with the bottom line—the marketing companies that I would interview only made sure that they were more dynamic than the rest. But Carl has changed my thinking about what marketing really is! This book has opened my eyes, because it is actually more like a power-house business planning and strategy system focused on what is most important-profit.   I’m looking forward to have Carl rev up my company, and create a plan and develop a strategy that will take my company from good to great!"

Lee Wooley
Author and Business Owner
"Momentum Maximizer should be your new agenda for company meetings. You'll see your company from a new perspective and move from road blocks to a wide open road. Don't just read this book…implement the process!"

Bob Crosetto
President of Diversified Financial Services, Inc