Fans of Momentum Maximizer

"Woolston cuts through the complicated formulas and programs to reveal simple and powerful principles that are at the root of successful enterprises. He says, 'All progress starts with getting to truth.' This book is full of applicable truth. I will be referring often to these ideas as I build my business."

Marie Arnold
Homemaker, Educator, and Entrepreneur
"As a career photographer who began 12 years ago when digital cameras were not even a consideration I have found myself making ENORMOUS changes to stay relevant in a market that is way over saturated and has changed so much. While reading this book I gained a very clear view of the direction I need to go to not only survive but thrive in a world where many of my clients own the same camera I do. I am more excited than I have ever been about the future!!"

Casey McFarland
Owner of Casey McFarland Photography
"Momentum Maximizer is a great read! A true entrepreneur understands the moving parts associated with starting a business may not be applicable to growing a business. In this book, Carl carefully weaves together both intangible and tangible assets to help grow your business. As a visually oriented person with my 'head in the clouds', I appreciate the psychological value of the strategies discussed in the book, particularly "confronting reality" which now has me focused only on elements within my control. While this discovery may appear small on the surface, the subtle shift of focus is the 'momentum' I need to convert potential energy stored in my head to kinetic energy where I build encouragement to take small successive steps on the path of growth. I am really grateful to have M2 as my guide."

Bryan Sykes
Entrepreneur and Author
"Carl Woolston has the unique gift of being able to clearly communicate powerful, world-changing ideas across a broad spectrum of understanding. For this reason, The Momentum Maximizer will prove as empowering to the budding entrepreneur as it is to the seasoned businessman."

Bryan Hyde
Director of Online Studies Monticello College
“I just finished reading The Momentum Maximizer—just wow! Carl has really hit the nail on the head. I love the concrete steps that provide planning and strategy around business momentum. Carl has an amazing gift to crystallize the meaning and importance of momentum and how to build it in order to catapult amazing results. I was hooked at the beginning and riveted to finish the book!”

Dortha Hise
Founder of Dortha Hise Develops