Fans of Momentum Maximizer

"In his book Momentum Maximizer, Carl helps the business owner understand the simple step by step process of developing and keeping your customer. None of us would spend the millions to open a McDonalds without planning for customers. Who would dream of fishing where there are no fish. Maximizing Momentum teaches a business owner how to understand how to start this process and then harness it. This book will simply help any business get up and running for the long term."

Boyd F. Curtis
President of
"It really does not matter if you are a beginning start-up, a mid-sized company or a large corporation, maintaining a viable business is a challenging task. Any business or organization needs to be properly nourished and cared for if it is to effectively survive and grow. We are often so focused in caring for the individual trees of the forest we call a business that we miss out on seeing the coming storm, drought, or disease that threatens to severely alter and/or destroy the environment of the forest or the forest itself. This is where “The Momentum Maximizer” comes in. Carl has effectively captured a great high level blueprint and road map that every business professional needs to read, understand and use."

Ken Waddell
CEO New Visions International
"Momentum Maximizer is a tutorial in how to apply common sense knowledge, with a principle based perspective that fits today's marketplace. As I read I found myself identifying with things that made sense to me, and I knew were important on an abstract level but never knew how to apply them. Mr. Woolston gives advice about how to apply this knowledge in real ways to effect real change in gaining momentum in small business."

Ammon Nelson
avatar"I spent an hour with Carl working on my pivot point for my business and gained a lot of clarity on what I am doing next. I had others tell me what I needed to do before but Carl was able to really break it down step by step and put the why behind it. When I make the change I have no doubt it will propel my business to the next level."

Crystal Anderson
Crystal Clear College Planning